The Concepts Developed by Hidentity Systems are a Result of Years of Engineering, Development, and Design of Enterprise Systems. The Four Products Areas Contained in This Website are :
Universal Data Module
The Universal Data Model (UDM) provides businesses with a standardized approach for database design and system integration. The tables provided in each Subject Area are designed to be integrated and installed with other Subject Area tables.
There are over 540 tables between the Subject Areas that integrate – they are designed to be installed separately yet integrate seamlessly with each other when added to a database. The Geographic Information Module contains scripts to populate all tables within this subject area, along with several database objects (e.g., Views, Stored Procedures, etc.). You can use these modules as-is or feel free to modify any of the scripts to meet your specific requirements.
DLL Libraries
Libraries for Software Developers
Libraries for Software Developers - these libraries were written with the developer in mind, providing the results wanted with the least amount of information needed when calling the method. Each of the Library products requires a License Key. The License Key is available on the website download form and the 36-character License Key when purchased.
Application to Assist
and Make Your Job Easier
To assist with file security and Make Your Job Easier, the File Obfuscator Application is used to obfuscate all types of files (e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, Visio, Text, Linked Libraries, Executables, Etc.), you can even obfuscate a .ZIP file. When you need to securely send a file from one location to another, File Obfuscator is there for you. The file can be obfuscated, sent to a destination, then converted back to its original format.
Cryptographic Services and Software
Hidentity Systems aims to change the paradigm of how sensitive data is hidden and recovered. For example, rather than encrypting a 9-digit social security number into a 256-digit field, we replace the true data with a token that is much more secure.
The Product and Services department supports your company by providing analysis of your data and helps to identify what conversion is needed. They provide a phased approach on implementation and validation before moving to the next phase. A custom plan and time schedule are developed for the conversion with step-by-step instructions. With the purchase of Phalanx SV (tokenization system) the first five support days are free, which should be more than enough time for the analysis. Additional time, if needed, can be arranged for a fee. Note: There should be little, if any changes to your database structures – the actual Personal Identification Information (PII) data will be replaced with tokens (same format and size as the original data). If the client needed additional assistance with the conversion, support can also be provided for a fee.
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